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Executive Communication Series

Communication is so important at every level of leadership, that we have built this new Executive Communication Series to provide deeper insights and additional strategies, tools and approaches to a wide variety of leadership communication challenges and opportunities.

The Executive Communication Series provides a learning roadmap for leaders comprised of four offerings designed to intentionally address the areas where leaders can benefit from strengthening the skills imperative for effective communications, collaborations, and interactions. Participants can take the individual courses that best fit their leadership challenges and development needs and receive a certificate of completion at the close of each offering. You can also choose to maximize your learning by completing the entire series.

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Commanding Presence and compelling impact
In Person

In this program, you’ll discover approaches for deepening your own self-awareness, improving your ability to project authenticity and stronger “leadership presence,” and being more purposeful in how you show up to better engage stakeholders, align teams around a new direction, and lead even more effectively in your organization.

Mastering Persuasive, polished delivery
In Person

In the age of Teams, Zoom, Texts and Slack, how can a leader connect through the chaos? Leaders who rise above the unique challenges of the digital era will succeed by embracing the responsibility of communication and consistently seeking opportunities to enhance their executive communication skills.

Leading collaborate change
In Person

In this two-day offering, participants will gain insights and concrete strategies for accomplishing personal and organizational goals by effectively managing differences and resolving conflicts. Executives will be given the tools needed to expand their influence acumen and strengthen their impact in interactions by securing buy-in from others.

Creating impact and connections through Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating connections, communicating an inspiring idea, and creating a compelling vision of the future. Exceptional leaders use stories to convey deeper meaning, reinforce key priorities and establish stronger engagement with co-workers, customers and other key constituents.

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