Instructor: Dr. Janice Cobb

Learning Objectives

An understanding of financial accounting is essential for anyone who will use financial information for decision-making. Financial statements provide key information about the economic activities and financial position of a firm. The summer online accounting module will provide you with foundational knowledge required to understand the information provided on financial statements; the first half of a full semester financial accounting course. You must complete the summer online accounting module to prepare you for the ACCT 60010 course. ACCT 60010 begins with material typically presented in the second half of a full semester financial accounting course. You will have difficulty succeeding in ACCT 60010 without a strong understanding of the material presented in the summer online module (the first half).

Students who complete the summer online accounting module will have the following knowledge and skills necessary for success in ACCT 60010:

  1. An understanding of accounting terminology, the language of business
  2. An understanding of the information provided on the four financial statements
  3. The ability to understand, explain and record basic business transactions


Required Materials    

Financial Accounting is Not That Hard. Cobb, J. Copley Publishing.
ISBN 978-58152-965-4   (Purchase on
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“TCU Online” Access: Contact Olivia Williams in the MBA program office if you need assistance at

Instructions for Completing the Summer Online Accounting Module

Purchase the above required learning materials
Login to TCU Online; Click on the MBA Summer Accounting Module
Click on “Content”
Click on “Week 1” and begin

For each Week:

  • Read the related chapter(s) in Financial Accounting Is Not that Hard.
  • Watch the YouTube video lectures (web address provided on TCU Online)
  • Complete and study the homework on for the topic
  • Homework is for learning purposes; it should NOT submitted online.
  • Fully explained answers to all homework questions/problems are provided online at the bottom of the web page.

TCU Online Quiz: Take (and submit) the quiz for each topic after you have completed the learning process. A score of 80% or better indicates adequate understanding. Repeat the study process and take the quiz until you achieve a score of 80% or better. You may take a quiz up to five times.

Students should plan to complete the summer online accounting module over a period of 8 weeks.  Determine an 8-week study schedule and assign goals to each week.  Allow for weeks you will not be able to study due to out of town work, vacations, visitors, etc.


Required: Financial Accounting Test after completing all assignments (weeks)

ALL students must complete the “Final Pre-requisites Test” (under Quizzes) on TCU Online after completing all assignments. The test must be taken prior to the START Workshop or before the first day of ACCT 60010 (if not starting in the Fall). The test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. You will have access to 10 questions at a time. Once you have completed the 10 questions and moved to the next section you will not be able to go back to previous pages.

You will have one hour to complete the test. Students must score greater than 80% to be prepared for ACCT 60010.

To access the Financial Accounting Test: Login to TCU Online, click on “MBA Summer Accounting Module”, click on “Content”, click on “Financial Accounting Test”, click on the test, and follow the instructions (just like the quizzes).


TCU Online Units / TCU Online Topics / Chapter Readings

Plan for 6 to 8 hours each week. The time required will vary with a student’s prior knowledge of financial accounting.

Week 1: 
FA1 / Chapter 1  Overview of Financial Accounting
FA2 / Chapter 2  Balance Sheet
FA3 / Chapter 3  Transactions that Change the Balance Sheet

Week 2:
FA4 / Chapter 4  Income Statement
FA5 / Chapter 5  More on the Income Statement (Accrual Basis)

Week 3:
FA6 / Chapter 6  Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Week 4:
FA7 / Chapter 7 & 8  Cash Flow Statement and Statement of Equity

Week 5:
FA8 / A-1 Recording Transactions on a Spreadsheet: Overview
FA9 / A-1 Recording Transactions on a Spreadsheet: Practice
FA10 / A-2 Record Journal Entries and Balance T Accounts

Week 6:
FA11: A-3 Adjustments to Accounts (journal entries)
FA12: A-4  Finishing the Accounting Cycle

Week 7:
Accounts Receivable

Week 8:
Long-term Assets

Email Janice Cobb at if you have questions about the Online Accounting Module.
Allow 48 hours for a response.