For Students

Nov. 4 Neeley & Associates Principals Class Visits
Nov. 10 Social with Neeley & Associates Principals
First-year MBAs and Professional MBAs are invited to attend a social gathering. We'll answer questions about the application process, cadence of the program and more.
Nov. 12 Prospective Client Lunch and Presentations
Clients present their projects to prospective consultants.
Nov. 13 Online Application Due
Students will apply and rank the prospective projects.
By Thanksgiving Teams Notified
Dec. 9 Team Reception with Selected Client
Jan. 14 Consultant Bootcamp Day 1
Jan. 21 Consultant Bootcamp Day 2
Jan. 28 NELAB Advisor Lunch and Introductory Meeting
Consultant teams will meet their assigned NELAB advisor.
Apr. 8 External Executive Reviewer Panels and Feedback
Apr. 25-29 Final Client Presentations

For Clients

October Identify Potential Projects for Spring 2022
Nov. 5 Work with Neeley & Associates Principals
Written Request for Consideration (RDC) completed for sharing with interested MBA students.
Nov. 12 Prospective Client Lunch and Presentations
Present your organization and prospective project to MBA students.
Dec. 9 Team Reception with Selected Client
Join us at a reception to meet your consulting team and schedule your formal project kickoff meeting for the week of January 17, 2022.
Jan. 17-21 Project Kickoff Meeting with Neeley & Associates Client Team
Identify possible midpoint check-in meeting and final presentation date options.
Feb. 28-Mar. 4 Project Midpoint Check-in with Neeley & Associates Client Team
Mar. 7-11 Check-in Call with Neeley & Associates Program Director
Apr. 25-29 Final Client Presentation
May 2-6

Final Evaluation
Client submits final evaluation of project deliverables and quality of team with Neeley & Associates Program Director.

Final Report Delivered to Client
In addition to any adjustments to final presentation.