Student and alumni leadership support the mission of Neeley Fellows, build and strengthen our community, and provide feedback for continuous improvement and innovation.

Neeley Fellows Student Organization Board

The Neeley Fellows Student Organization combines all cohorts for even more networking and teamwork opportunities. Elected leaders create community engagement, assist with recruitment, and promote Neeley Fellows to internal and external constituents.

Photo: John Freeny

John Freeny


Photo: Ariyana Slindee

Ariyana Slindee

VP of Operations

Photo: Jack Huey

Jack Huey

VP of Alumni Relations

Photo: Kate Marshall

Kate Marshall

VP of Marketing - Design

Photo: Kaitlyn Crosby

Kaitlyn Crosby

VP of Marketing - Media

Photo: Grace High

Grace High

VP of Marketing - Media

Photo: Hailey Wagener

Hailey Wagener

VP of Membership and Programming, Junior Role

Photo: Owen Gramm

Owen Gramm

VP of Membership & Programming, Sophomore Role

Photo: Keara Lee

Keara Lee

VP of Membership & Programming - Community Service

Photo: Kat Humrichouse

Kat Humrichouse

VP of Recruitment

Photo: Payton Corah

Payton Corah

Senior Liaison

Photo: Emma Culhane

Emma Culhane

International Liaison

Photo: Alec Weber

Alec Weber

International Liaison

Neeley Fellows Alumni Board Members 2021/2022

Our alumni love to stay involved. They continue to help you grow and learn, open up opportunities through an active and committed network, and serve as champions of the Neeley Fellows brand.

Anthony Micheli ’17
Associate Manager, Corporate Strategy
Yum! Brands

Katie Kolepp '14
Solutions Architect, Growth Solutions

Patrick Browning ’16
Connections Chair
Vice President
Steelhead Capital Management

Hayley Henley '18
Connections Chair-Elect
Senior Associate Consultant
Bain & Company

Demi Fritz ’18
Coaching Chair
Senior Analyst
TCU Investment Management

Burton Cowles '16
Coaching Chair-Elect
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Kate Wardrop ’15
Admissions Chair
Audit Manager

Justin Paxton '12
Admissions Chair-Elect
Presidential Management Associate
Estee Lauder

Brooke Arnold ’18
Community Promotions Chair
Customer Service Account Manager

Parker Levy '16
Community Promotions Chair-Elect
Partner Development Manager

Class Representatives

Jason Hartman, 2009
Lindsay Davis, 2010
Lauren Quiroz, 2011
Kate Joliffe Haaf, 2012
Hannah VanDeusen, 2013
Blaire Butler, 2014
Tim Klein, 2015
Allison Messimer, 2016
Jordan Sheppard, 2017
Kamryn Schropp, 2018
James Butterfield, 2019
Dalton Standish, 2020
Michael Solomon, 2021