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Whether you are able to join us virtually or in-person, these events can make you a part of the TCU Neeley Executive Education classroom experience. Check back often for upcoming events!

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Neeley Alumni Advantage Series

TCU Neeley: The Now and the Next

Join Dean Daniel Pullin in this virtual session to explore some of the exciting new initiatives on the horizon as part of the Neeley strategic plan. We’ll discuss how the Neeley School plans to grow its brand, impact the future of business and continue to add value to your degree.

Daniel Pullin Brenda Cline
Daniel Pullin
John V. Roach Dean of the Neeley School of Business
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Brenda Cline '82
Chief Financial Officer
Kimball Art Foundation

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December 02, 2021

Neeley Alumni Advantage Series

Leading Teams After 2020: What Is the Future of Work?

Have your team dynamics changed in the last year? Are you leading a group or working with your colleagues virtually or within a hybrid scenario? There is a complexity dynamic in today’s environment which will continue to change as we consider the future of work and its impact on teams. Leading teams in today’s evolving organizational landscape requires leaders to update their framework and skillset for maximizing workgroup and team relationships. In this Neeley Alumni Advantage webinar, TCU Faculty Experts, Jim Roach, Executive Director, TCU Neeley Executive Education and Tracey Rockett, Professor of Management Practice, discuss what has changed regarding teams, what is coming in the future and approaches to optimize team success.


Jim Roach Tracey Rockett
Jim Roach
Executive Director
TCU Neeley Executive Education
Tracey Rockett
Professor of Management Practice
TCU Neeley School of Business

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September 08, 2021

Neeley Alumni Advantage Series

Leading Through Digital Transformation: Is Your Organization Ready?

Business transformation, and digital transformation in particular, can be very challenging in high complexity, dynamic environments and unfortunately, most organizational change efforts fall short of their intended outcomes. Our experts discuss critical success factors, key challenges, typical barriers in complex environments, and why a new kind of leadership is required to set your organization up for success.


Brian Alink Mary Uhl-Bien
Brian Alink
Senior Vice President Product
Capital One
Mary Uhl-Bien
BNSF Endowed Professor of Leadership
TCU Neeley School of Business

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April 19, 2021

Neeley Alumni Advantage Series

The Innovation Imperative

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to be innovative. Our faculty experts discuss the numerous, and often unexpected, sources of disruption and the overwhelming levels of change that require new paradigms for leadership, organizations and leading change. They elaborate on the key challenges and opportunities that leaders face and must overcome to fund and/or nurture new ventures while they strive to compete and succeed with their core business. The team also shares examples of successes and failures, and how you can survive disruption in this current business climate.


Michael Sherrod Rodney D'Souza
Michael Sherrod
William M. Dickey Entrepreneur in Residence
TCU Neeley School of Business
Rodney D'Souza
Managing Director of the TCU Neeley Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Davis Family Entrepreneur in Residence
TCU Neeley School of Business

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November 18, 2020

Bridging Distances with Virtual Teams

Many of us are being called on to work remotely for the first time. There are some challenges, but virtual work has also been shown to have some distinct advantages over traditional, in-office work. This webinar will identify some of the challenges managers may face while moving to work remotely. We offer some ideas for supporting your team members, identifying and solving some common problems, and suggestions for best practices when it comes to managing teams virtually.

Brad Harris Tracey Rockett
Brad Harris
Associate Professor of Management
TCU Neeley School of Business
Tracey Rockett
Professor of Management Practice
TCU Neeley School of Business

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April 03, 2020

Dean Becker

Resilience: What the World Needs Now (and Always)

Dean Becker from Adativ Learning Solutions dives into the core competency of Resilience with an introduction to the basic skills around Resilience, an exercise to identify some of your personal thinking styles when face with adversity or challenging situations and a practical skill building exercise. As a bonus, Dean offers a guide to a host of additional resources on resilience and access to Adaptiv's resilience self-assessment.

Featuring: Dean Becker, Managing Director & Founder, Adaptiv Learning Systems

April 03, 2020

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The one leadership trait...

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No Finance Degree?

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