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TCU Neeley Sales Center Students Awarded National Scholarship

Seniors Grace Lewis and Lili Nunez were chosen for the Barbara Giamanco Memorial Scholarship, an award from the Sales Education Foundation to support female sales students in their academic journey.

March 01, 2024

By TCU Neeley Sales Center

Barbara Giamanco was a successful sales professional, as well as a trailblazer for women in the industry, and the scholarship in her name honors female sales students following in her innovative footsteps.

Grace Lewis
Grace Lewis

Seniors Grace Lewis and Lili Nunez, students in the TCU Sales Center at the Neeley School of Business were both awarded the 2023 Barbara Giamanco Memorial Scholarship. Lewis is majoring in Communications Studies and minoring in Business while Nunez is a Marketing major in the Consultative Sales Program.

Both Lewis and Nunez are also Sales Coaches in the TCU Sales Center where, like Giamanco, they give back to their peers through coaching and mentoring. They are walking through doors opened by women who came before them, and they are identifying ways to keep the door open for women who will follow.

Lili Nunez
Lili Nunez

“The thing I love most about being a woman in sales is thinking back in history and seeing how far women have come,” Nunez said. “As a member of the TCU Sales Program, it is refreshing to see how more women have joined the program, to now being almost perfectly split.”

Both Lewis and Nunez credited the Sales Center’s insightful approach to the sales as part of their success. The center integrates theoretical learning with practical experience. Having to meet quotas, manage accounts, and develop network connections helps students find their voices and their confidence, and be a skilled sales professional upon graduation.

“To female students contemplating a sales career, I advise embracing your unique strengths and perspectives,” Lewis said. “Also look for mentors like Professor (Raelynn) Mears, a hardworking and successful saleswoman who maintains brilliance in her roles as a mom and Godly woman, offering guidance and support along the way.”

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