Class of 2026 Tuition and Payment Schedule

The TCU Executive MBA Program tuition and fees for applicants to the Class of 2026 (entering the program in August 2024) is $130,000. Here’s how the payments break down.




1st Payment

$28,750 *

Due September 1, 2024

2nd Payment


Due January 1, 2025

3rd Payment


Due May 1, 2025

4th Payment


Due August 1, 2025

Final Payment


Due January 1, 2026




* You’ll have to submit a seat deposit by the date indicated on your letter of acceptance to secure a seat in the class. The first payment is less the non-refundable $2,500 seat deposit.

Those applying for scholarships must submit their EMBA application and scholarship essay by May 1.

Cost of Attendance

Career Excellence Scholarship
This $10,000 scholarship is awarded to a limited number of students in recognition of demonstrated track records of excellence in leadership and career progression. Recipients typically hold above average managerial experience and direct supervisory experience or have demonstrated an unusually impressive career path in a short period of time. Scholarship funds are applied to tuition over five semesters at a level of $2,000 per semester.

Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Scholarship
To encourage diversity of thought and perspective in the EMBA classroom, where engagement with peers significantly shapes the learning experience, Neeley offers a limited number of scholarships to incoming EMBA students who have demonstrated the potential to enrich the diversity of the classroom discussions and experiences. This scholarship covers $10,000 in tuition and the award is spread over the five semesters of the program at $2,000 per semester.

Early Entrepreneurs Scholarship
Students entering the Neeley EMBA program who are engaged in the early stages of business development (typically in the product development phase or in the early growth stages of a business, as evaluated by the selection committee) are considered for this scholarship. These awards, which are limited in availability, encourage participation from aspiring entrepreneurs who are committed to improving their business acumen, developing their leadership skills, and creating connections with other North Texas leaders. This scholarship covers $10,000 in tuition and the award is spread over the five semesters of the program at a level of $2,000 per semester.

Neeley EMBA Merit Scholarship
This scholarship provides approved candidates who have proven professional merit with financial need (as demonstrated by documentation of total household income that is significantly below the average income of students in the previous two EMBA cohorts) to provide the financial support to help them attend the Neeley EMBA program. To be considered, an individual must apply for this scholarship and interview with one or more members of the EMBA Advisory Board. The amount of this scholarship may be equal to up to 40% of the total tuition cost of the program. Limit of one scholarship per cohort.

Non-Profit Leader Scholarship
Society benefits when strong leaders apply their talents in the non-profit sector, and we believe the perspective of all members of our EMBA class are broadened when one or more non-profit leaders are contributing to cohort discussions and experiences. The Non-Profit Leader Scholarship may be awarded to incoming students in the Neeley EMBA program who are working in the non-profit sector, and have for at least three consecutive years. This award encourages participation from managers and leaders from public service, non-profit and charitable organizations. This scholarship covers up to $25,000 in tuition and the award is spread over the five semesters of the program.

TCU Alumni Association Scholarship
Members of the TCU Alumni Association (TCU graduates and those who have one or more children currently enrolled at TCU) are eligible for a $5,000 reduction in the overall tuition of the Neeley EMBA program. This scholarship is applied towards tuition cost over the five semesters of the program at $1,000 per semester and is only available to students not benefiting from another scholarship.

Early Bird Scholarship
We offer any admitted applicant who applies and interviews prior to January 31, an Early Bird Scholarship. This discount locks in the previous year’s Executive MBA tuition rate. Other scholarships may be awarded in addition to this one.

The Nancy Nix Endowed Scholarship Award
EMBA alumni who remain inspired by the opportunities presented to them through participation in the program have contributed to a fund that provides one (1) second-year EMBA student a scholarship each spring semester. The amount of the scholarship reflects the endowment fund balance and is granted to the student in the second-year cohort who 1) has the highest GPA at the time the award is granted, and 2) has no outside funding from corporate sponsors or government programs. Recent awards were in the range of $4,000. This scholarship is available to eligible students regardless of whether they have received our other scholarships noted here.

Yellow Ribbon Funding
It is our honor to welcome students who have served in the armed forces, as well as their dependents, by reserving a limited number of seats for applicants who are eligible to receive Post 9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program benefits at the 100% rate. Eligible students will be directed to speak with our Veteran Specialists to receive information on this funding opportunity.

Questions? Contact the TCU Office of Financial Aid, (817) 257-7858, or refer to their website.


The Graduate PLUS loan, or Grad PLUS loan, is a low, fixed interest rate student loan guaranteed by the U.S. government. The Grad PLUS loan is not need-based like other federal aid, but is a credit-based loan similar to a private student loan, with the benefit of a fixed interest rate and federal guarantee.

The Grad PLUS Loan allows you to borrow the total cost for your graduate school needs, including tuition, room and board, supplies, lab expenses, and travel, less any other aid.

Key benefits include:

  • Interest rate on the Graduate PLUS Student Loan is fixed
  • Grad PLUS payments can be deferred while you are in school
  • Co-signer not required
  • Interest is tax deductible for most grad students

Learn more about the Grad PLUS loan.

An Unsubsidized Stafford Loan is a federally guaranteed loan that is not based on financial need. Interest will accrue from the time the loan is disbursed to the school. Interest or principal payments are not required until six months after graduation, or six months after you drop below a half-time status. A maximum of $20,500 can be borrowed per year depending on degree status and years in school.

Learn more about the Unsubsidized Stafford loan.

There are many options for private education loans. TCU will process applications from any legitimate lender. Eligibility varies per lender and many lenders may require a co-signer. A credit check will be performed. The co-signer is equally liable for the loan when repayment begins. Be sure to read all of the eligibility requirements for the loans, and make sure you meet the criteria. For example, some loans are available for students who are enrolled less than part-time, and some are not.

Texas residents are eligible to apply for an additional $10,000 from the College Access Loan program. Limited funds are made available by the state for these loans, so apply early.


Please contact Traci Larrison, Director of Admissions and Recruiting at or 817-257-4369.