Are you high achieving, intellectually curious, self-motivated? Do you want to optimize your university experience? Neeley Fellows are passionate about both their academics and professional development. You’ll complete a challenging curricular and co-curricular program during your sophomore, junior and senior years, taking enhanced business classes alongside your Neeley Fellow cohort in a challenging yet supportive environment. 

Community of Excellence
Community of Excellence

You’ll have the privilege of working within a circle of scholars who possess a common commitment to excellence in the pursuit of knowledge, accompanied by the highest degree of personal and professional integrity. Your highly collaborative and engaging colleagues will challenge you to the best version of yourself. Our proud alumni know the caliber of the program and stand ready to support you with career advice and opportunities.

Professional Development
Professional Development

It’s not just about heightened academics. Based on your personal, professional and career goals, we help you develop and hone skills to be successful.

  • Weekly labs focus on developing your professional and communication skills.
  • Goal setting and personal coaching is based on what you learn in labs and a variety of assessments, to help you identify development areas to reach your full potential.
  •  We match you with successful Neeley Fellows alumni during your junior year for insight, guidance, support, and to practice your networking skills with your personal coaching team.
Networking Opportunities
Networking Opportunities

Build professional networks and explore career paths through exclusive travel programs.

  • Sophomore year – NYC. Travel to one of the savviest business cultures in the world. Visit Wall Street, Madison Avenue and corporate sites. Engage with alumni and explore the city.
  • Sophomore – Senior year – Travel during Fall Break with Neeley Fellows from all three cohorts. While the trip traditionally alternated between San Francisco and Seattle, this year we will be traveling to Austin based on student interest in that particular location.
  • Junior year – International Trip. Travel to an international location as part of the Responsible Global Business Perspectives course.
Experientially Enhanced Academics
Experientially Enhanced Academics

Neeley Fellows take enhanced versions of core business courses, with an emphasis on academics, experiential learning and in-depth analysis.

Fall Spring

Fall Spring
  • BUSI 30383 - Global Business with an Ethical Lens (eight-week course with international trip – required for all Neeley Fellows who are not doing a full semester abroad) 


The John V. Roach Honors College complements the curricular and co-curricular mission of Neeley Fellows. We require all current and prospective Neeley Fellows to seek admission to the John V. Roach Honors College and to complete the Lower- and Upper-Division Honors College requirements to graduate as an Honors Laureate. Many Honors College requirements can be satisfied through the Neeley Fellows curriculum.

Section Image: Learning Mantra Award winners

Dr. Rob Rhodes Learning Mantra

The Learning Mantra was developed by a group of Neeley Fellows in 2021 to honor a faculty member, Dr. Rob Rhodes, who embodied a passion for learning and inspired his students to do so as well. The intent behind the Learning Mantra is to provide inspiration and direction to our students in terms of how they think about and approach learning.

Dr. Rob Rhodes Learning Mantra

Learning to Be Wrong Willingly,
Learning to Succeed Humbly,
Learning to Ask Questions Thoughtfully,
Learning to Value Relationships,
Learning to Live with Integrity,
“and just maybe, you’ll not just learn to change the world, but you will actually change it, one small step at a time.”

The Story Behind the Dr. Rob Rhodes Learning Mantra

Learning Mantra Award Winners

Photo: Easton Tally

Easton Tally

Class of 2022

Photo: Tuff Donovan

Tuff Donovan

Class of 2023

Photo: Blakley Pate

Blakley Pate

Class of 2023

Photo: Bryce Hopper

Bryce Hopper

Class of 2024

Photo: Kayla Mullin

Kayla Mullin

Class of 2024

Photo: Claire Ponder

Claire Ponder

Class of 2025