The investment that provides the biggest return is the one you make in yourself!

Neeley Premium Credentials is a professional readiness program that provides you access to customizable services and resources using a relationship-based approach that enables personalization.

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Develop Skills to Navigate Your Career

Embracing the four attributes below will lead you towards effectively and purposefully developing skills that will benefit you throughout your professional career.

Accountability: Past

I made this happen.”
Taking credit for successes is just as important as acknowledging shortcomings. While many things in life are out of your control, you anticipate obstacles and take actions that increase chances for success.

Commitment: Future

“I am dedicated to seeing something through to the end.”
You bring your best to any situation and assess the demands of opportunities presented to you ensuring the value of the experience will not be compromised.


“I act with integrity in the moment of choice.”
You realize a profound sense of freedom in knowing that you are empowered to forge a path unlike any other and while that path may be imperfect, it is yours.

Desire to Upskill

“I invest time developing skills to broaden my impact.”
One of the best ways to position yourself competitively as a professional is to enhance your existing skillset. Whether that is through personal coaching or additional learning, you identify opportunities to add skills that will increase your ability to make an impact.

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Apply Here

Once you are officially admitted to the TCU Neeley School of Business you can apply to Neeley Premium Credentials

We're looking for students who:

  • Are motivated to invest in themselves, without needing checklists or deadlines to do so.
  • Embrace accountability, commitment and ownership.
  • Place a value on the quality of how something gets done more than merely that something gets done.

Learn more

Internships are a good way to determine the fit between an employee and the employer. As an Intern, you will assess the value of Premium Credentials as it relates to your professional pursuits and determine if you can make a commitment to realize positive outcomes.

The path to Associate is achieved by completing a benchmark of your professional profile facilitated by a Neeley Premium Credentials Coach.

The four components of your professional profile are your

  • Résumé
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Handshake profile
  • Personal Pitch – “Tell me about yourself.”

Outcomes from Benchmarking

  • Résumé: every bullet identifies an impact and makes you feel like a rock star
  • LinkedIn: conveys a distinct persona that balances the personal and professional
  • Handshake: demonstrated proficiency to harness the power of the platform
  • Pitch: becomes the exact opposite of boring - yes, that would be interesting

  • You will have access to additional professional learning resources that will accelerate your growth
  • You will be provided a professional name tag to use for networking events, a quality shirt, and occasional swag.
  • You are eligible to receive funding for obtaining professional certifications outside of Neeley that will position you more competitively in your chosen field.
  • You will have priority access to a select group of Premium Credentials Coaches to guide your development.
  • You get to take part in small group sessions on relevant professional topics.

Engagement is a critical component of NPC. To that end, the minimum expectation for Associates includes:

  • attending one learning session per semester
  • submitting monthly updates in D2L on your professional development activities and outcomes, including the summer and winter breaks
  • schedule a 1-1 meeting with a Premium Credentials Coach at least once per semester
  • scheduling two 1-1 Zoom sessions with the PDC during the summer, one in June and one in July. Click here to request a meeting and select Neeley Premium Credentials as the appointment type. A Zoom link will be sent to you confirming the meeting.