The Master of Accounting degree must be completed in two consecutive semesters on a full-time basis. Some summer courses are offered and may be taken by candidates beginning the program in the fall semester. Candidates must successfully complete 30 hours of required coursework to earn a MAc degree.

2024-25 Academic Year

Tuition $2,145 per semester hour
MAc fees $1,450 per semester*

Estimated Total Tuition & Fees*

  Projected Semester Hours Number of Semesters Total Program Cost
MAc 15 2 $67,250

*Fee assessed at the beginning of each semester fall and spring only. Cost of Attendance

GA Funding & Scholarships

Graduate Assistantship (GA) appointments are the most common form of financial assistance for students in their graduate year. These merit-based appointments are not guaranteed but can provide a financial stipend and require recipients to serve as a graduate assistant to the Department of Accounting. Assistantship duties may include tutoring, research assistance for faculty, teaching assistance for faculty, and other administrative duties. A graduate assistant for the Accounting Department works ten hours per week during the fall and spring semesters of graduate studies. All students are automatically considered for a GA appointment during the application process – no further application is required.

9/11 GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program

TCU considers it an honor to welcome as students those who have served in the armed forces and the dependents of those who serve. The university is committed to providing whatever support it can to assist veterans and their dependents in obtaining a college degree. Yellow Ribbon awards are subject to eligibility reviews by the Veteran Affairs Administration and are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, if you plan to claim a financial award under the Yellow Ribbon program, please notify the MAc/PPA Director of your eligibility as early as possible.

Other Scholarships

Other scholarships may become available to students while they are enrolled in the MAc program. The majority of these scholarships require applicants to be in graduate school, and therefore, these scholarships cannot be awarded prior to a student’s entrance into the MAc program.

Our students are recipients of several accounting-designated awards and scholarships each year, including:

  • Weaver Endowment Scholarship
  • Geraldine Dominiak Award
  • Inspirational and Leadership Award
  • Admire Scholarship
  • Henry Key Award
  • Financial Executives International - Fort Worth Chapter Scholarship
  • Financial Executives International - Fort Worth Chapter Academic Award
  • Texas Society of CPAs Accounting Education Foundation Scholarship
  • Federation of Schools of Accountancy

Should you need additional funding, TCU offers a full range of financing options.

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